what ails you, your grace?

            ❝ A moment of apathy
            Nothing to
fret over however. 
Y o u r  g r a c e


             ❝ ––… ❞

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                                                some legends are told
                                               some  turn  to  
D  U  S  T

                                                        ᵍ         ᵒ        ˡ         ᵈ,

                                                                   ( ʙᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴡɪʟʟ ʀᴇᴍᴇᴍʙᴇʀ ᴍᴇ ),
                                                                  for  C   E   N   T   U   R   I   E   S.

"Gods don’t like. They love and they hate and they ignore.

      — Neil Gaiman, The Sandman: The Kindly Ones (via psychorex)



          — I dare to say you are mistaken, for I am a Knight to only one Queen, and you lack one for me to obey.

          She would answer his impoliteness with some of her own, for she was not less than his equal in the current situation, and no King and Knight titles would make Integra bow her head to someone she did not work for. In the end they would all be only Knights fighting the same war.

          Rudeness does not suit a King, if you want to call yourself one.
                                        You asked me to sit, I did; I’m not leaving now.


            ❝ Only upon the hopes for an
            further exchange of words… You
            came to talk, not to demonstrate
            what is is to sit upon the opposite
            side of the table. I will apologize
            for any ill-mannered wit you may
            see because of your inability to give
            words to what ever intentions brought
                           you here.

            Lips tugged upon his features, a scowl of sorts formed, accompanied by the slightest of glares. It was not often his title was questioned, even by those not under his might. However he could not simply practice his will onto her, not  in the form usually taken. Though the air would grow thick  with ice, his gaze less kind and human, something beyond would gaze onto her now. Something worthy of a godly name. He would not give her his wrath, however he would strike in a way she might learn from.

            ❝ ––You are far beyond the safety of
            your Queen… Her title is meaningless
            beneath the roof of another Crown…
               Sir Integra, do at least share the kindness
            in understanding such an aspect.
            Unless you wish to see a demonstration
               of my self proclaimed title. 

[Sir Integra]

                                              Please, sit; he said. And so she did.

          Steps took her towards the nearest chair, and Integra did as she was told, getting as comfortable as she could in a place she— hasn’t really been before. Blue eyes wander around, taking in her surroundings. It’s completely different from her own office and the manor, but somehow—

                                       —She doesn’t really feel out of place.


          Not really. Just thought it would do us good to switch places every once in a while.


            ❝ ––A King does not often
            find himself hosting to a Knight
            unless for good reason
               And as much as I enjoy your
            company, there are things that
            I need to attend to…

            Not quite as polite as he could be, however
            he did have a war to plan for, one could hardly
            hardly blame him for his ill-mannered tact. Still
            he was not beyond civility, and the type of man
            he was called upon such an action.

            ❝ Perhaps another time would
            be better for such an event? ❞

[Sir Integra]


          — I never said it does.

          Because honestly it didn’t. Integra had been in all kinds of situation before, and, truly, it was even relaxing to be able to pass the title of host to someone else every once in a while. Ah, if only she could, maybe she’d make sure to do it more often.

          It’s merely experiencing the same situation upon another point of view. Rather interesting, I must say.


            ❝ I suppose it is. ❞

            In some fashion, he could say the same,
            however he had long since experienced the
            thrills of hosting and being hosted. Perhaps
            though he could say it was thrilling to host
            someone as worthy as she.

            ❝ Please, sit. Make yourself
              –Is there something on your mind? 





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                                             Eternal life, 
                                                      (they say it is)
                                                                  the ultimate gift; 

                                                   but to live
                                                           forever, is to

                                                                  D I E

                                                       ten thousand times.

                                           The longer you live,
                                                          the more you will lose,
                                     you will have to watch everyone
                                                                     you have ever loved, 
                                                                                         D I E.

                                           {          There is
                                                                    N O T H I N G

                                                    in this world to fill an
                                                               eternity.                     }