"i will always have nightmares of that day.
no matter how much time has passed, i will always remember.
the nightmares will never allow me to forget.
i will never allow myself to forget.

      — (via nixreginam)

                        ❝ Haschwalth… ❞

            Heavy doors would part, filling the quiet hall with the echoes of shattering ice. So
            would the King exit his chambers, his gaze flickering to his prized soldat as his
            name dropped from Godly lips.

                        ❝ ––Walk with me. ❞

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W A R    F L A S H B A CK S

[Sir Integra]


          There would be no time to understand the raising of eyebrow, as Integra couldn’t really bring herself to care enough. Chin was tilted up with some sort of silent pride; not due to the sense of power from being the host, but something akin to— satisfaction. Spending days and days in the office would quickly bring her to exhaustion, that he had accepted her invitation was a relief.

                              Please, do follow me, then.

          No need to say such words, but she did anyway, walking past him and then away, towards the door. Integra didn’t turn around to make sure he was follow— somehow, she trusted his words; he said he would follow, and she knew he would.

          I wonder if you brought me any news about our plans?


                        ❝ And if I have?
                        ––No, I shall not toy with
                                          such a topic. 

            Once more would boots find themselves in movement, carrying forth
            the weight of an entire race upon their heels. He would remain quiet
            however, as they walked through the necessary rooms to lead them
            into the fresh air of her garden. Only then would his gaze motion to
            her, after a brief pause admiring what colored beauty laid outside
            her doors.

                        ❝ Before I share my news.
                        I must first ask, if there is
                        anything of your own you
                        might wish to add to the

            His gaze would shift to her now, so that he could witness what ever
            lie she might utter. However he did not suspect one to be made, for
            she knew what might happen if he were to catch it. 

[ D I O ]


                       ”Prancing is suchdegrading word to use, Juha Bach.

          KneelGod could not make DIO kneel. He was created to d e s t r o y worlds and create heaven. For him to kneelDisgusting. He’d have to prove himself first, for such an angelic creature that even God, in all his holy glory, bestowed such greatness upon his palms, within his hands. He was merciless, and this man? He ruled over humans— mediums. And what did DIO rule over?

that RIPPED the flesh of
                                                                human from their very BONES.

                      “Alas all cannot possess such vocabulary;
                         Those matters aside, your little SOLDAT had caused me grief.”

         The only arrogant child was the soldiers he possessed within his army. The dared raise their hand to him; why, he would have r i p p e d his heart out of his chest only to present it to this man.

                      “A humble message. Perhaps you should be more strict upon your men, hm?”


          ❝ And yet it is fitting. ❞

          For he had spoken the truth. Someone who thought themselves mighty, had
          come prancing through his halls to stumble upon someone who was weaker
          and now with victory in hand thought himself capable of attacking a King.
          This child would kneel not to a holy God but instead a corrupted Diety.
          Black wing crafted from the flames of vengeance, far from the white feathers
          that sat upon the shoulders of the true God.

          ❝ Perhaps I should.
                   For if I had, you would not be standing within my halls
                   ––causing me grief in turn due to sheer  a r r o g a n c e .  

          He did not offer to stand, instead he would merely sit atop his throne, in
          wait for what he might do. A mistake had his soldat made, to allow such
          a child to enter his chambers and cause him grief. This soldier would be
          scolded in due time, but first the child before him was to be handled.



           ”I’m afraid I have to decline, I do not partake…

                 in fact she had no idea if her new body could 
                 accommodate to alcohol, or drink in general.
                 the young vampire wouldn’t be one to try out
                 new things just yet. deidre had heard horror
                 stories of vampires trying human cuisine. 

          “Thank you, however.”

          ❝ I see… ❞

          A pause was made, the thought of simply waving the table and drink away was
          tossed aside as his gaze returned to her. He would allow a moment of silence to
          take the room over before adjusting himself upon his throne.

          ❝ Is there perhaps,
          something I might do for you,

[ Harribel ]



Head would twist slowly to watch the man whom swallowed
the shark with sharp steps. She would have growled if she
did not control herself. His words were splashed upon her
face but the spots of irritation would be washed away with
a bat of her eyelashes.

"Yet do you believe my kin would
 follow without some sort of dagger
 in their grasp? They do not chase
 you willingly- You hunt those easily
 twisted or simply frightened to death
 by what you cause, My pride does
 not waver nor shrink, I will not toss
 it aside so you may win a war that
 has nothing to do with me. I fought
 for a false God whom sore too close
 to the sun and his wax wings melted.
 The same happen to all that cause


          ❝ Give a man a sword and he will
          slash at those he is pointed at. Give
          a man great power and he will use
          it to crush those titled as his enemy.
          A soldier is nothing more than canon
          fodder, a killer nothing more than a
          weapon, and a monster is nothing
          more than a siege beast. Your kin
          have already picked up arms in my
          name, weak minded they might be
          however they have there purposes.
          Just like you. ❞

          It was a surprise, that she did not openly admit to the obvious fact. It was quite
          simple, how such things would work. Broken, twisted, frightened it did not matter
          for they would prove useful if only to be thrown against rock and sand. Wave after
          wave would be sent against the rock, chipping away at it’s exterior until it was 
          weak enough to shatter at the simplest of touches. An army of mindless beasts
          was an army that was dangerous, however under his thumb they would be a
          powerful might to be reckoned with.

"Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.

      — Unknown (via organicafe)



             ”Deidre, my name is Deidre.

                   of course she’d expected to not be recognized. that 
                   would’ve been quite the honour, but strange seeing
                   as she’d only spoken once with this king. she gave a 
                   tiny curtsey paired with a fanged smile. 

                       ”An honour to be in your presence again.”


          ❝ Yes, that was your name. ❞

          It would seem she did not blame him for his ignorance, something he would
          swiftly reward her for. Such was his nature. So a hand would motion to
          the left, a simple table offering a simple glass of wine.

          ❝ ––Might I offer you a drink, my child? ❞