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"Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand,
Blood and revenge are hammering in my head.

      — Aaron (Titus Andronicus, Act II scene iii)



Deceptively lithe fingers- arms, figure screaming with elegance even as it  stumbles

disillusioned ; perturbed in stance and speech. Still hiemal optics remain  focused

upon unfamiliar guise, for his whispers seem sympathetic to innocence.  Long

taught sonnets, psalms and verses of the righteous and the devil’s vices and      his

ability to coax then twist his words as if he were God. These utterances are vague

for the condemned speak in riddles. Sasuke— too determined to be capable of    sin,

against whom of which created grand rules so his soldiers may follow -   was also


{ 再生 }— “Juha Bach.”

Returned in his name- a favor, cloak extended for shamefully nude body.   Exposition

unfaltering while arm reaches out. The jolts of            agony     erupting in his quickly

withering body, causing for much hesitation. A warning—     but God has abandoned

me… such bitter thoughts. His face remains emotionless,   unyielding when the cloak

is transferred- it’s warmth flourishing over frigid skin that burns with his   movements.

Sasuke desires to scoff, but the sound would be ugly  coming from angelic     chords,

would it not? But suddenly it all seems insignificant.

Why should I care about him if he shall turn his back on me?

                                                   Fall into the throes of transgression

You, angel who’s wings are black ——

                                                   Shedding from sin,          disobedience

{ 再生 }— “I’ll accept.”

Were his words strange?

The language of the living is  foolish

And the darkness takes your           heart

Sallow lids covering        obsidian  facets

the lashes that         adorned     them long


Fall- further… and further into the hand’s of 

                                   H I S    M A J E S T Y.

                   A king?


            He would allow a hand to reach for the Angel before him, his hand
            threatening to bring pain to burnt skin but he would not dare do
            such a thing. No hesitation would be found with oncoming actions
            that would bring to him an absence of pain, the King before him
            would be merciless in his actions, compassion would be shown.
            To heal simple wounds such as those that licked at his flesh was
            a parlor trick, his wings however would be ever lost. –Unless of
            course he chose to regain them anew.

                        ❝ I must apologize…
                        Your wings are beyond
                        my grasp, it would take
                        a far more greater might
                        than this to bring them

            A lie. Even while skylight lapped at his skin, taking away the pain
            he felt, retracing each corrupted molecule of flesh and granting
            it new life, he would lie. He could grant the Angel wings anew if
            only for his allegiance, if he were to pledge himself to him, take
            him as his new God, as his King, he would be granted immortality.
            A corrupted sense of one if any.

            Wounds would be found treated, and he would withdraw his
            hand. No longer would skylight grace his fingertips. Now came
            a moment he would forever enjoy. The reaction of an Angel to
            something unknown to him.

                        ❝ Are you still in pain
                                    Sasuke? ❞

      A God among Men.
                        That is what I

[Sir Integra]


          — I am not one to insist, Juha Bach. It was your own curisity that brought you here to find out the truth about Hellsing, if you have no wish to meet him, then you won’t.

          Granted, she wouldn’t mind keeping Alucard out of this king of confrontation. A great part of her would always see Alucard as more than just a weapon— the same part that would never confess it out loud. Still, he was her Servant for a reason.

          — Alucard has been with me for years now. He’s bonded to me thanks to his past and my name, and this is not something that can easily be broken. A sigh would leave her lips, eyes falling down to her own hands.

                    — One way or another, I dare to say
                         he was the one teaching me how to live.

        — A weapong wouldn’t do that.


                        ❝ Alas, I am your guest,
                        if you wish for me to meet
                                                I will. 

            Amused was the King, oh how he was amused. It seemed that such a
            creature, was something far more than a simple weapon used at the
            discretion of the woman before him. Oh how it was so very enlightening.

                        ❝ I suppose a weapon would
do no such thing. 
                        However, if he is not a weapon,
                                   than what exactly is he? 

            An obvious question, that required the not so obvious answer. He cared
            little for what he was, more so what he was to her. A pawn? A partner?
            Perhaps a simple pet. Pet’s could be trained, and so it seemed he was,
            a pawn could be used and discarded and such a note had yet to be
            determined. Whilst a partner, was not so easily described.

                        ❝ I merely ask out of curiosity. ❞


[Sir Integra]

    —— ⌈  ⌋

            If she were to be honest, it was not like her to count how many days until their meeting. Integra didn’t like the idea of keeping track of time— it was useless to her, knowing the future would come sooner or later, no matter how hard she wanted it to take more or less. So, in what felt like the blink of an eye, a whole week had stayed behind, and Walter stepped into her room one morning to warn her about that day.

            She had enough time to make sure Alucard was where he should be, and everything about him was kept away and hidden as much as possible, so no curious eyes would be able to catch even the slightest hint of the vampire’s existence, and then she got ready herself. What, obviously, included waiting for him in her office, cigar carefully placed between two fingers, smoke dancing before her eyes.

                                                            She was curious.
                                                 Probably just as much as him.

            Integra had had enough time, between reading his letter and sending her own, to do a bit of research. Quincy, as she had found out, were a rather old race and she frowned upon reading that— in twenty-two years of constant interaction with supernatural beings, she had not once heard of Quincy. Or anything alike, to be honest, though she did indeed know about Shinigami.

            So, honestly, that was an encounter that would probably end in a win-win situation. Juha Bach himself seemed to be rather interested in whatever knowledge Integra had to offer. 

                                                                             And,  truth    be  told
                                                                             Integra   would   not
                                                                             deny   another  kind
                                                                             of powerful alliance.


            A knock on her door brought her back to the present, and a smirk crossed her lips quickly before she got up, standing from her position and walking around her desk so she could greet him properly, like it was polite to do, considering he was just as powerful, hierarchically speaking, as she was.

                        — Come in, Walter.

            He did, bringing the man with him, and blue eyes meet burgundy ones before anything else, a single brow raising in obvious interest. He was taller, and it was obvious, even for Integra, who was nothing but human, the amount of a different power that man had in hands. She was interested before, but now she was decided to not let him go without an accord of some sort.

                        — Juha Bach, am I right?
                                           Sir Integra Hellsing, the current leader
                                                                           of the Hellsing Organization.

            She held out her hand,
                                                      — It is a pleasure to meet you.


            Ever poised was the King, even in the presence of a non-believer,
            though perhaps in due time such a thing could be changed. Or
            perhaps it already was. Sir Integra Hellsing, a woman that was not
            to be taken lightly, only a fool would do such a thing and this King
            was no fool. So while he stood in the presence of one that knew
            so little but had learned so much, he would give her a bow and a
            mighty shake of her hand, lips curling into a smile graced by God

                        ❝ That is correct…
                        ––The pleasure is mine,
                        Sir Integra Hellsing… 
                        I must thank you for the
                        opportunity to meet you
                        face to face. 
                        ––Might I say, you have
                        a very exquisite home. 

            So would a God converse with a mortal, and he would do so gladly
            for this child was perhaps naive enough to strike a deal with a King
            while cherry picked words dropped from his lips. His hand would
            drop and he would motion away, taking the seat opposite of her
            desk so that she might hope for higher ground. It was so rare that
            he, a God among Kings, sat before another whilst not atop an ivory

            throne. A moment he would come to enjoy quite often upon later

                        ❝ Of course you do not
                        need me to tell you such… 
                        Though this meeting
                        was not formed for such
                        Business is to be attended
                        to, if you would so have it. 
                                                Shall we? 


            Arms cross upon a flattened coat, fingers finding themselves wrapped
            upon one another. A chin would be placed into the air, and a gaze
            worthy of only a King would be placed upon the other. Lips would
            drop the smile that had been so firmly planted upon them for something
            far less charming. It was clear in every aspect in which he held himself,
            he saw her as a simple chess piece, to be moved about his board as
            he so wished. But she was no pawn, no she was something of far more

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"I burn, I freeze; I am never warm. I am rigid; I forgot softness because it did not serve me.

      — Deathless, Catherynne M. Valente (via deermoon)

lunaeterea whispered:

"sits on."

tosses off

"I’m cold and my footsteps
echo like a verdict,
spoken by an entire nation, Guilty, guilty.

      — Ai, “Knock, Knock,” Vice. (via literarymiscellany)

chalceum whispered:

"ur son is picking fights at school again he's suspended"


this is the third time this year…
that’s it, he’s going to public.

Leben mit phantasie –– Closed RP 

[The Visionary]

     Impatience was something that he was expecting, and something that the elder was liking expecting from the boy as well. Being promised such great power only to force him to wait and make him do so with a reasonable attitude was practically an impossible feat, but Gremmy was far more intelligent than any other child his age. He knew what this old man — His Majesty — wanted from him in terms of how he was supposed to act, and so he would do so. Even if that meant being made to sit through stories he didn’t care about or take a tour he didn’t feel like he needed.

     Patience may have been a virtue, but it was not one that the young blond was proud of.

     The weight of the King’s hand on his opposite shoulder was enough to bring his attention to it, and then forward once again to allow himself to be guided from their current position into the open, vacant courtyard that constituted the entrance to their Kingdom. Truly it was a pathetic sight; tree limbs were void of leaves and buildings were crusted with frost. It was cold in Silbern, caused by the shadows that surrounded and hid them from prying eyes. Now it seemed more apparent as to why he had been graced with the large coat around his shoulders — without it he was sure the chill would have soaked through his skin down to his very bones.


     But Gremmy liked it. As his smile grew his cheeks were pushed  up higher into his eyes, the only true sigh that his expression was genuine and as true as if he were a boy staring through the glass of a candy store. He walked beside his superior easily, pace slow enough to keep up while amused eyes wandered about his surroundings to study what would from then on be considered his home.

     ”War…?” That single word seemed to explain quite a bit more than would have otherwise been expected. Giving a child powers to make whatever he wished into reality was the very same as creating a weapon that would need to be carefully controlled. He would become a volatile bomb that could explode at any time and it was only reasonable that His Majesty was taking steps to ensure that only happened while on the front lines. “Is that why we have to hide here? And is that why you woke me up? To fight?”

     What an interesting idea that was. It mattered not; he would become His Majesty’s most treasured weapon. The one that succeeded when others failed. Undoubtedly.

     ”I want to know why.”


            Ever curious was the child. Something that would prove utterly useful.
            Of course that was to be seen, curiosity was always a fickle thing. Still
            he could only show the same in return, and so lips would twine a smile
            fit only for a malevolent figure.

                        ❝ Yes.
                        We hide to prepare, so that
                                              we do not lose.
                        I awoke you to be a weapon
                        that I shall wield against my
                        enemies, and I shall cast you
                        aside once your edge has
                        grown dull. ❞

            A pause was made, his gaze leaving the child before him only to fall
            upon the waste that was his beloved kingdom. He was to be a weapon
            that would bring life to his realm. No longer would it have to hide within
            shadow and ice to obtain immortality. His reign would be ever lasting in
            a realm that was beautiful, if not corrupt. However, the time between now
            and then was long, dauntingly so in fact. Preparations were needed, and
            though he could bring his will to light it would take more than just he.
            Countless swords were needed of forging, their edges would need to be
            sharpened and their tips pointed in the direction in which they needed to

                        ❝ Why?
                        Because I wish it. 
                        I wish to see those that wronged
                        me torn from this world in a fiery
                        blaze of mortar strikes and blood
                        Those that follow me share this
                        wish, and they have all pledged
                        to see it done. So shall you in
                        due time. You will aide them,
                        with the power I shall grant you. 
                        You will become my weapon,
                        and with you I shall carve this
                                                world anew. 

            Shelter would be sought, within the safety of a residing building, though
            it was hardly worth such a defining. Just as cold and isolated as what
            laid outside, just as ominous and treacherous, and yet it would feel as
            if they were indeed safe. For those that laid within the realm of a God
            were to be safe, tucked away from that which wished to see them dead.


                        ❝ Is that a suitable response,
                                                my child? ❞

The Space We Live In (x)



     ”A league above myself,
      then," he speaks but not
      in self-degradation of self.
 For though Alucard was one borne of another, and though he is the first of his kind,
 his precedence does not excel to such an extent. More so that it is his inherited role
 as the Basileus to govern his kind as he must, even though it was something he lacked
 knowledge or experience enough to do. The Nosferatu swelled upon those words with
 withdrawn contemplation, augmented by a studious severity that oft came to the fore 
 in situations as these. For Yhwach was one of the very few who knew the responsibility 
 of the ultimate sovereign, the creator, which was exceedingly rare to stumble upon in
 the human world, much less beyond where he’d gone to such extents to attain this sort
 of audience. 
                         ”…Then it would seem I’ve done wrong. 
                              My situation…what should it be called?
                              — Unique? My species was exploited for
                              almost a century. Bred and hybridized 
                              as weapons by an enemy beyond my 
                              control. Because of that thoughtless
                              manufacture, their conception bred
                              many more. Uncontrolled swine that
                              pains me to say i destroy most of. For
                              it was by no choice, I must regain this
                              control, but it will be a long and arduous
                              task. I wonder: does this lessen my standing
                              in your eyes?

            There was a moment in which he simply paused, no reaction would be given
            to his words, not physically at least. His features would alter only upon the
            craning of his neck and the shifting of his gaze. A league above indeed. Such
            a thought would be kept to himself of course, however he could not deny himself
            the thought. It was an obvious thought, one that stemmed from the obvious

                          ❝ If you are willing to attempt
                          such a feat, in my eyes, your
                          standing only grows. For it
                          is    not    an    easy    thing    to 
                          ––It is not my gaze upon you
                          that          matters         however.
                          Do you think yourself capable?
                          If so, than you must prove it. ❞

            Another pause would be taken, his gaze leaving that of the younger to seek
            an answer to a question of his own design. A simple question in truth. Was
            he to help the child before him? To guide him into the throne he sought to
            take for himself, not of greed however but of an inheritance. The duty to rule
            and guide his kin was his, and his alone to do so, although that did not mean
            he had to go without a guiding hand of his own. For it seemed he was not
            educated in such a fashion that could give hope to such a goal. The King
            would offer his assistance, for doing so would inevitably prove valuable, if
            not amusing. Besides, was it not his job as a God to help those that sought
            it? To offer his aide, his guidance, was an act of compassion and he would 
            be damned if he sat idly while a race that held the ability to hold might such
            as his own to simply die and wither away.


                          ❝ I might aide you…
                          In achieving such a thing.
                          A reign ever timeless.
                          Restoration to your kin’s dignity.
                          A Golden Age for all those that
                          share your blood.
                                                    ––If you so wish. 
                          Tread lightly upon this decision,
                          for I will not offer my aide a
                          second time. It is so very rare for
                          a King to assist another worthy
                          of the same title. ❞


                                             Eternal life, 
                                                      (they say it is)
                                                                  the ultimate gift; 

                                                   but to live
                                                           forever, is to

                                                                  D I E

                                                       ten thousand times.

                                           The longer you live,
                                                          the more you will lose,
                                     you will have to watch everyone
                                                                     you have ever loved, 
                                                                                         D I E.

                                           {          There is
                                                                    N O T H I N G

                                                    in this world to fill an
                                                               eternity.                     }